I'm on the lookout for engaging guests with great stories to join me on the podcast. Topics can range from funny, emotional, heartfelt and everyday life - basically anything we might talk about if we were having coffee together!
If you are interested or know someone I need to talk to, please fill out the form below. Note - it's not necessary to be a blogger, a website owner, or any of that (although I'd love to talk with them too!). Anyone is welcome to apply!

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What's your first and last name? *

Are you interested in being interviewed or are you recommending someone? *

If recommending someone, leave their name here.

Please share your website or a site where I can get to know you a little better (Instagram, Facebook, etc) *

Enter an additional website or social media site here if you have one.

The interviews will take place via Skype or Facetime connected to Wi-Fi. Also headphones equipped with a microphone is necessary (iPhone headphones, etc). Can you meet these requirements? (If this is a roadblock, we can chat about alternative ways to work through this) *

Coffee talk is a podcast where we chat about things we might be chatting about if we were actually having coffee together. Do you have a specific story you'd like to talk about or specific topics you'd like to address? Share some of your ideas below. (Also, we can delve into this later...but I'd love your general ideas of what you'd like to chat about!) If submitting this for someone else, please let me know why you think they'd be great for the podcast! *

Thank you so much for your interest. I will follow up with everyone within a week of receiving your email. Please email kristen@dineanddish.net if you have any questions! Thank you!

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